THE SOUTHERN TEXTILE GROUP is committed to its social responsibility as a Body Corporate. The Group is associated with VIKASA TARANGINI, a non-profit service Organisation established in 1991 by H.H.TRIDANDI CHINNA SRIMANNARAYANA RAMANUJA JEEYAR SWAMIJI for the promotion of righteous living and service for mankind around the World irrespective of any religion.

VIKASA TARANGINI extended its love and service to all needy by providing immediate relief; be it the devastating Cyclone hit Konaseema area of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1996 or the great Gujarat Earth Quake in January,2001 or the Killer Tsunami hit states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pondichery in December,2004.

VIKASA TARANGINI very strongly believes in its motto“Serve all beings as the Supreme“. It professed this theory and practices it by establishing many educational institutions for educating and enlightening several poor and needy children. JEEYER GURUKULAM – a school for Tribals established in 2004 at Allampalli, Kadem Mandal of Adilabad and NETHRA VIDYALAYA – a school for blind at Vijayanagaram stand proofs of its commitment.

VIKASA TARANGINI with its branch organizations and volunteers all over the Globe are tirelessly working and collecting funds for the up-liftment of poor children, physically and mentally disadvantaged and destitute. Many Health Camps are conducted to educate rural women.The Southern Textile Group with VIKASA TARANGINI has also taken the task of early detection of Cancer among women in rural areas. It took its Wings to Coimbatore very recently and to begin with it is supporting two Orphanages having strength of about 450 inmates. At VIKASA TARANGINI, we are very much committed to reach the under-privileged, extend advanced medical care to them.